Abercrombie Requests Federal Disaster Aid

Governor Neil Abercrombie has formally requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration asking for federal assistance to help pay for damage caused by Tropical Storm Iselle.  The request seeks Individual Assistance for Hawaii County: a class of assistance that  would make additional funding, loans and services available to affected residents.

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  1. Teresa Mitchell
    Teresa Mitchell says:

    Please ask the President to help the residents of Puna District – I do not think the rest of the USA knows how hard hit they were- because so many were affected who live off grid or in non traditional housing and no tourist dollars are spent there- it seems no one cares! Please ask for disaster status so they can obtain much needed help- now over two weeks past the hurricane hit day- Mahalo!

  2. fruit farmer
    fruit farmer says:

    some of the funds could be used to eradicate albezia, the tree that caused the storm to be so destructive.

  3. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    love the timely action, many were hit with losses and certainly don’t want a LOAN from the gov. so they can go further into debt. Where’s FEMA?????

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