Commentary–Tomorrow in Nanawale, Pancakes to Celebrate!

Frojm Cody Osbourne:

Last night we served Spaghetti at Nanawale! I would like to thank Liko Lehua Cafe and Gourmet Butter once again for an awesome meal and for providing, cooking and transporting all that deliciousness!
Liko has provided meals for about a dozen days, and couldn’t have done it without the gracious help of our community. The last two days food was in part provided by a donation by New Hope Hilo Hawaii Church. They bought the chicken for the Chicken Luau, and they provided the hamburger and sauce for last nights Spaghetti! I would estimate, all told that Liko Lehua has provided nearly 8,000 meals over the last two weeks. I would estimate that about 6,500 of those meals were provided by donation from big island businesses and individuals!
So we have to give a huge MAHALO to East Hawaii as well for really stepping up to the plate here! What an amazing contribution and last two weeks.
Two weeks ago today, we opened our eyes not only to a brand new day, but to a brand new chapter in our lives. A lifetime of experiences have transpired over the last two weeks, and now that most have power, we shift our focus to clean up and rebuilding, with an eye on those few individuals still without power.
The good news is that with fewer in need, it becomes easier by the day to get to everyone that needs it. Volunteers have made the difference and are continually needed to keep making a difference so we can help anyone that needs it.
So tomorrows Pancake breakfast is not only a celebration of what we’ve accomplished, but a way for us volunteers and victims to come together and share what still needs to be done. There is a ton of work ahead of us, so let’s EAT, say a word of thanks, stand united and move forward together.

Editor’s Note:  The pancake breakfast will take place Saturday, August 23, from 9:15 to 11:00 a.m.

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