Puna News: Geothermal Meeting Aug. 30

From Robert Petricci:

Puna Pono Alliance Geothermal Health Impact Meeting Notice

Community meeting regarding the operation of the geothermal plant during the arrival of Tropical Storm Iselle.

August 30th at the Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science (HAAS School), 15-1397 Homestead Road, in Pahoa at 4:00 pm.

PPA will host the Hawaii County Civil Defense director, and a PGV representative in a public meeting to address the concerns of the community regarding the operation of the geothermal plant in the face of Tropical Storm Iselle, We also invited HELCO, DOH, and the Hawaii County Planning Director.

Council District 4 Rep. Greggor Illigan told me he would be there also.The meeting will address the release of geothermal toxins during and after the storm, [and] the action taken as concerns possible health effects from the release, and the performance of the H2S monitoring system before, during, and after the storm.

Those invited to interact with the community are Jay Ignacio of HELCO, Mike Kaleikini of PGV, Darryl Oliveria of Civil Defense, Duane Kanuha of the Planning Department, and Dr. Linda Rosen of the Hawaii Department of Health. Puna Pono will provide a brief introduction. Then each of the invited participants will be asked to provide a timeline and to address why the plant was operating, to address the adequacy of County and PGV emergency plans, [and] to describe what actions were taken, what complications were faced, and how those complications were dealt with. Following the presentations of invited presenters, the attendees will ask questions as time permits.

Please email this notice of the meeting to your network and friends as soon as possible.

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  1. Jay Turkovsky
    Jay Turkovsky says:

    Perhaps some better questions would be asked of you, Bob, rather than accusing the people that bring us power, security, and safety.
    Here are some of my questions…
    Why do some Puna residents who know nothing about power and the Grid operation think they know more than the professionals?
    Why do some Puna residents do so little in trying to understand how our Grid works?
    Why do some Puna residents totally disregard the opinions of others in our district?
    Why do some Puna residents not flee and live somewhere else if they are so afraid of their stated fears?
    Why do some Puna residents disregard the concept of democracy when well aware the majority of Puna is in favor of having PGV?
    Why does Bob choose to stroke his ego by inciting fear into a mob mentality?

    Having electric power is freedom. Without it we could be taken over by any other nation that chooses. They, then, would build power plants!

    Puna Pono, ie. Bob Petricci, is Pau! Your demands are improperly placed and ultimately going nowhere. Take your ego somewhere else and leave the majority in Puna to live in Aloha!

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Dearest Jay – Your opening contention is false.
    Geothermal has provided neither safe nor secure power, ever.
    To personalize this against Mr Petricci sidesteps the reality that many Puna residents do know about the grid and have choosen to ‘safely, securely’ power their homes without geothermal.
    My family has lived off-grid for 25 years. All my neighbors live off grid, safely, securely. No one in my neighborhood lost electrical service during or after the hurricane. Safe and securely. Everyone in my neighborhood ‘votes’ against geothermal.
    I say, geothermal leaving Puna would be the safe and secure move.
    My son, now a 23 year Hawaii County firefighter, was made critically ill as a baby by geothermal emissions. Safe?
    With regard to democracy, lets let geothermal neighbors do the voting.
    Jay, your letter functions as troll matter for an inherently unhealthy industry.

  3. joe
    joe says:

    There is no vote taking place. PGV is not going anywhere. Bob Petricci spent his settlement money from the last time he whined about PGV health impacts and is now wrangling for another payout. Considering the existence of Ormats increased output has put two fossil fuel burning plants out of business, I would not be surprised if the oil industry is also sliding Bob some scratch. Have all the meetings you want you cry baby nimbys, geothermal is here to stay.

  4. dd
    dd says:

    We will see what Pele says. The cracks the lava is in now lead right down the east rift to……. The geo plant.,

  5. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    More conjecture and ad hominem attacks. By definition these are fallacious arguments based on irrelevant facts about the person presenting the original concerns.
    In Joe’s case, factually vacuous assertions don’t address any of the important concerns re geothermal.
    Jay calls for ‘democracy’ as he advocates for geothermal, Joe calls on industry momentum as he advocates for geothermal.
    “Not in my backyard” is a totally valid,
    logical response to a loud and poisonous
    industry in a residential neighborhood.
    Geothermal days are numbered.

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