Politics — Setting The Record Straight About My Candidacy

By Tiffany Edwards Hunt

(Media release) — Lately, there have been press reports calling into question my voter registration history and suggesting that I might be guilty of some sort of voter crime. It is becoming increasingly obvious that these reports and the source(s) of them are politically motivated.

I am a resident of Puna Council District 5, and have been for over 90 days before the primary election.  Under the Hawaii County Charter, any voter and candidate for office must be a resident of the district for at least ninety (90) days before the primary election.

I am currently registered to vote in Puna Council District 5, residing with my husband at our family home in Hawaiian Acres.

In 2012 I was registered to vote in what is now Puna Council District 4, and listed my residence at my husband’s Pahoa home and surf shop, which has a living quarters.

Shortly after the 2012 election I was nominated to serve on the Windward Planning Commission. After being nominated to the commission for District 4, I learned that I should be registered in District 5 in Mountain View. I declined the nomination and updated my voter registration residency address for the next election.

I welcome any legitimate investigation regarding this issue.

After I learned of a potential pending investigation by police, I immediately contacted the responsible officer but I have not yet received a response.

I am properly registered as a voter and candidate in District 5.  I look forward to serving the people of this Puna district, if elected.

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  1. Hazen Komraus
    Hazen Komraus says:

    Clearly there is only one way to solve this important question. Tie a big rock to Tiffany, take her a mile offshore and toss her overboard. If she sinks she’s District 5, if she floats she’s District 4. Am i right? Tiffany? 😉 That’s probably the only thing that will satisfy RJ. Her house, the empty one is two blocks from mine. I’ve been throwing fish heads and dog-poo in that yard for months and no ones complained, so clearly her residency isn’t in question. (joking, but seriously she doesn’t live there, hypocrite.)

  2. Rich Ellis
    Rich Ellis says:

    Tiffany, you wrote “In 2012 I was registered to vote in what is now Puna Council District 4, and listed my residence at my husband’s Pahoa home and surf shop, which has a living quarters.” So were you actually living there as your primary residence, or did you just list it as your residence on the registration forms? If the former, that would appear to conflict with your other statements. if the latter, why wouldn’t that be a fraudulent statement on your voter form? I’m confused, and your comments to date haven’t offered much in the way of clarification.

  3. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    baby girl you better grow another inch or two of thick skin like Em because the haters are gonna come out of the wood work. You stand up on the soap box and take a stand and put yourself out there the jealous little troglodytes will scheme and lie and conspire to set you up.
    Ignore them, I have such fans, a list of them, they rear their ugly little heads from time to time. But that’s only because they’re so miserable in their own boring puny little lives and they have no veracity so they collapse and fade away. I’ve had them come and go. Their house of cards always falls in a Kona wind.
    Most of them are alcoholics anyway. Same old story.


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