Volcano Observatory’s Sept. 1 Report on the Lower Puna Lava

The June 27th lava flow remains active. During a Civil Defense flight this morning, the farthest part of the flow, which had been spreading in the forest over the past few days, was seen to be spilling into yet another ground crack about 12.6 km (~7.8 miles) from the vent and about 1.9 km (~1.2 miles) from the eastern boundary of the Wao Kele o Puna Forest Reserve. An HVO flight is scheduled for later today, and an updated flow map and photos will be posted afterward.


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  1. Jay Turkovsky
    Jay Turkovsky says:

    My prediction is, if the flow doesn’t die, will be for it to bend ENE and come down into Pahoa in the dip between Paul’s Garage and Luquin’s.

  2. James Weatherford
    James Weatherford says:

    Actually, Jay, when I looked at the topographic maps, that is about the same thing I saw — and our farm is right on down the hill (by way of the alley by Jan’s Barber Shop) and across the bypass.

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