***Commentary*** Questions Regarding The County State Of Emergency Related To The Lava Flow

Regarding this emergency proclamation and pending USGS lava warning, different contingency plans will be enacted by the USGS and Civil Defense.  What are those plans?  Regarding the circulation plan, what routes are being mapped out to be evacuation routes?  Officials have mentioned Chain of Craters Road and a route between Opihikao and Nanawale, possibly even Railroad Avenue and Beach Road…Are officials looking at Chain of Craters Road, with the hypothesis that the lava will stay along the East Rift Zone?  Are they looking at the road because it will mean a multi-agency effort and a way to alleviate the cost burden from being solely on the County?  How can we ensure the County can build us some dirt roads through subdivisions to make our way to Hilo?  Is there a section in the Hawaii County Code that allows for substandard roads to be built in a state of emergency?  If so, what does the Code define as a state of emergency?  Is this part of contingency plan as a result of the mayor’s proclamation and the pending USGS lava warning? How long or how soon before the D9s get rolling?  Is there any legislation needed to ensure we get these dirt roads constructed? Anything legislatively that can be done to ensure we do not bankrupt the County of Hawaii addressing this potential disaster?  Are there government funds set aside for the anticipated cost of dealing with this state of emergency?  Is an emergency budget hearing being planned?  Where is our current Council District 5 representative?  The latter is a rhetorical question, the former questions are those I will be seeking answers to at tonight’s lava meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Pahoa High and Intermediate School. — Tiffany Edwards Hunt

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  1. punated
    punated says:

    Whoa, let the flow take out Pahoa High School before going all machine gun questions. In school, they say there are no stupid questions, the reality is that there are many, many stupid questions. Look at the sequence of events before rattling off question after question. There is a slow downhill flow, that is known. It is hugging the north-northeast bottom of the ridge. Look at the terrain map, there is an inference of direction. For right now, deal with the emergency at hand, not all the imagined ones ahead. Think of the people in the Kaohe Homestead for the right now.

  2. Hazen Komraus
    Hazen Komraus says:

    I don’t think planning ahead, considering contingencies, and maybe prodding our officials to use some foresight is a bad thing. I think that asking what happened to Zendo is a fair question. Just assuming that the powers that be will behave in a the most considerate way, with maximum forethought is unwise. These sort of plans should have been drawn up forty years ago and updated every three. You know if Kim was still in office he’d be getting stuff done. Being proactive and considering the long-term repercussions for East Hawaii is wise in my opinion. A few more pauses and paragraph breaks might have made for easier reading though 😉

  3. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Tiffany and bic readers ….please research the amazing 4 day earthquake tsunami eruption mudslide and rainstorm with major lightning striking the summit of Mauna loa….by the way I think we need a major government baseyard somewhere near kalapana….a forward deployment of various assets including natl guard civil defense police fema read cross as if the lava crosses the HWY 130 all of SOUTH PUNA WILL BE CUTOFF UNTIL THEY COMPLETE THE CHAIN OF CRATERS ROAD….the north slide flows from kilaueas east rift could continue for ANOTHER 30 YEARS !

  4. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    This most amazing eruption, tsunami, mud flow,and FOUR DAYS OF EARTHQUAKES, with lightning flashing and striking maunaloas summit was in 1867….the ‘perfect storm’…..huffington post last week said Big island is under threat of a LARGE EARTHQUAKE….. god forbid…what if we had a hurricane lava flow earthquake tsunami all at once….the reality is that all puna is under grave danger….fascinating times ahead…Puna, modern puna is gonna change big time

  5. Mari Brae
    Mari Brae says:

    Thanks so much for asking these questions Tiffany. I have been wondering these things myself. If we all wait until the last minute to make preparations, then it may be too late to do much. I just hope we get some answers.

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