Puna News–Civil Defense Update: Lava Shifts Northeast; Alternate Road Construction Starts

From Hawaii County Civil Defense:

This is an Eruption and Lava Flow Information Update for Thursday  September 11th at 10:00 AM.

The current assessment shows the surface lava flow has shifted towards the east and is moving in an east/northeast direction.  The surface flow has advanced approximately 300 yards since yesterday.  Presently the leading edge of the surface flow is located approximately 0.3 miles from the northwest or upper corner of the Wao Kele Forest Reserve and Kaohe homesteads boundary.   Currently the flow does not pose and immediate threat to area communities however residents of the Kaohe Subdivision are advised to monitor the local radio broadcasts for further updates and for possible evacuation instructions if conditions change.  Residents will be given adequate notice to safely evacuate should that be necessary.  Personnel of the Civil Defense Office will be conducting door to door surveys and notification in the Kaohe Homesteads starting today.

Residents in the subdivisions of Hawaiian Beaches and Hawaiian Paradise Park are advised that construction activities on the Railroad Avenue and Government Beach Road will be starting today and running continuously through the weekend and next week.  These activities are to establish alternate road access in the event Highway 130 is affected by the lava flow.

The public is reminded that the flow cannot be accessed and is not visible from any public areas.  Access to the Kaohe Homesteads subdivision will be restricted and limited to subdivision residents only.

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  1. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    And then once into HPP then what? they going to do R?R all the way through Shipman? that old PMAR Plan?
    Are they gonna run all the traffic up Makuu to 130?
    Let it all filter through any paved road, or not paved, crossing HPP to get to Shower or Kaloli? With all the residents who back out on to their roads. THEIR, roads paid for by road fees, paid to a dysfunctional association who can’t even keep their equipment running let alone maintain these roads well enough for residential traffic. Now going to be traveled by all of Puna? Evacuation I can understand, commuting is just too insanely ridiculous for words.

    Also if it cuts the hwy. AND goes across R/R and Beach Rd. into the ocean, which it will probably do, where is the South Puna Sub-station going to be on the Kopoho side of the flow??

    You know Pele tried to tell you she didn’t want no round about, you didn’t listen. Looks like she going tell you to go round about 80 miles now. Good thing is it will force people to be in a more self-sustaining community, or they’ll leave.

    Told ya years ago, Park and Ride da Train via R/R shoulda been done long ago. Easier to lay track than pavement. narrower too….too too toooo late now.


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