Island News: Kona To Send Packing Boxes for Puna Relocaters

From Barbara Garcia, publisher of Ke Ola Magazine:

This message is so important, I needed to send out a separate email from the one I sent earlier this week. The latest report on the June 27th lava flow is that it could hit the P?hoa transfer station as early as next week, Sept. 25th, and Pahoa Village Rd. just north of the post office, as early as Sept. 29th.
We all need to mobilize to get as many boxes and packing materials to Lower Puna as quickly as we can, so our neighbors can get packed and evacuate. The inventory at the stores in East Hawai?i have already been depleted.
We started a campaign on our Facebook page to collect boxes and have them dropped off at Great American Self Storage in Kailua Kona. We need to keep that going, and also, we could really use help transporting them from Great American to Pahoa Community Center where they will be distributed. They can also be dropped off at Shipman Self Storage in Kea`au. If anyone you know is driving from Kona to Hilo in the next few days, could you please ask them to drop by Great American Self Storage, behind Target, to pick up a load of flattened boxes to take with them? This would really help a lot! We’ve already donated several hundred recycled/reusable boxes in the past week, we want to make it thousands with your help!
Shipman Self Storage has agreed to be a drop off point as well as a pick up point for those in need, so that?s another option.
Our friends at LAVA 105 are starting PSAs tomorrow morning, Friday, so we expect the donations to grow quickly, and that no reusable boxes will be taken to the recycling center until every person in Lower Puna has all the supplies they need to get their belongings packed up and moved. Any and all help is appreciated!
Please k?kua Puna!


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