Island News: UH-Hilo Will Open Dorms to Some Student Lava Refugees

The University of Hawaii at Hilo will open its dorms to some students who may be displaced by the ongoing lava flow, according to an letter from the chancellors of UH-Hilo and Hawaii Community College to students. The university is also posting updates and general information, housing requests and offers, and ride information online.
“Students without dependents or animals may apply for temporary accommodations in on-campus residence halls. To learn more, visit” stated the letter, which also referred students in search of housing to he Hawaii County Housing Office’s online resource guide. The colleges have also created a bulletin board at where students can post housing needs, those with housing available can offer it, and commuting students can arrange shared rides.
“At present, classes and work schedules continue as usual at both campuses. Should Highway 130 become blocked by the lava flow, classes will remain open and students are encouraged to continue attending classes on campus. Should all access roads become impassible, we are establishing on-line course options for people who are dislocated and unable to get to campus. We will work with the county to establish sites where students can access the Internet,” stated the letter. “If you have concerns or inquiries about courses, please email for information. We ask that students connect with their professors and instructors, and that faculty and staff connect with their supervisors or deans, to discuss their situation.”
–Alan McNarie

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