Puna News — Puna Sustainability Expo Is Oct. 11

For many of us, Hurricane Iselle should have been a wake-up call, as we learned how dependent we are on outside inputs. While it is fresh in our minds, this is the time to see what products and ideas are available so that we and our families can survive the next disaster in some degree of comfort.

With this in mind, Malama O Puna is planning its popular annual Expo for Saturday, October 11 at the Leilani Estates community facility on Moku Street. The event will run from 11 am to 3 pm. Previous participants are welcome to return; there are openings for new exhibitors and vendors to promote products and services and provide information, techniques and inspiration so we can become more sustainable and resistant to forces beyond our control.

All types of sustainability topics are welcome to be featured:

Food: gardening, agriculture, food processing (“putting up”).  Water: potable, grey water, waste water, catchment systems. Housing: building materials, designs, special features, building practices.  Energy: solar and wind, alternate energy appliances. Jobs: green employment, right livelihood.  Health: herbal & traditional medicine, nutrition, exercise.  Transportation: electric cars, bicycles, horses, shank’s mare. Solid Waste: reducing, reusing, recycling how tos and projects and any other relevant topic….

Booth spaces are 10 x 10, with more space available if needed. Electricity is available for exhibits. The facility has ample parking, a playground, a large lawn and restrooms. Commercial vendors fee is $25; nonprofits $10. Individuals who are sharing ideas and projects are free. To apply: malamaopuna@yahoo.com

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  1. Rene Siracusa
    Rene Siracusa says:

    Where did all those question marks come from? Is that an HP vs. Mac thing?

    Anyway, Malama O Puna has extended the deadline for exhibitors to Oct. 9th. There’s still time to jump in.


  2. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    It was a compatibility issue of some sort, anyway, Rene. I think I’ve got all of them out, now.

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