HELCO Pres. to talk on “Clean Energy Future”

 HELCO president Jay Ignacio will be talking on “A Clean Energy Future for Hawaii”  at UH-Hilo, UCB Room 100, on Tuesday, October 7.
“Under Hawaii law, the renewable portfolio standard calls for 40% of electricity sales to be from renewable resources by 2030. Hawai’i Electric Light Company aims to exceed this target adding as much renewable energy possible that is affordable, safe and reliable. Since 2008, the company has doubled the percentage of electricity supplied from renewable resources across Oahu, Maui County and Hawaii Island. To fulfill the promise of these new technologies, Hawai’i Electric Light Company works in partnership with businesses, government, with other energy providers, environmental and community groups, and their customers. This is a community challenge that only a collective community effort can meet,” Ignacio says, in a  press release by the event.
Ignacio, a Hilo native, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Hawai‘i at M?noa and is registered as a Professional Engineer in the State of Hawai‘i.
For more information, contact:
Dr. Ryan Perroy, Chair of the Sustainable Committee
Assistant Professor in Geography and Environmental Science

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  1. Y.MEE
    Y.MEE says:

    Here we go again, the circus is innocent though mostly the same people are on the Boards of VGS and HVC. Both organizations are linked through VGS’s purpose of giving it’s proceeds to HVC. Maybe VGS could shed a light if secretary Graham ever gets around to publishing their “comment” as he announced months ago.

    The new interim director Dena Smith forgot to mention that the complaints resulted from neighbors losing enjoyment of their homes through the traffic of hundreds of cars and the noise pouring out of SPACES’s open pavilion into the subdivision during the twice a week performances as well as other loud events. The so called “vindictive efforts” of “several local residents that have repeatedly waged complaints against SPACE” could have been mitigated long ago if SPACE had made efforts to change the relationship into something other than confrontation. But of course that would involve a lot of work and require a flexible and understanding attitude, not a ‘my way or the highway’ mentality.

    Funny also, most people in Seaview did not know about the free ice, water and food after the storm. There was neither anything posted on the bulletin boards nor were the usual “SPACE event” road signs set out to let people know of these generous offers. Was this outpour of ‘assistance’ an internal affair for fans only?
    JB Water Hauling was highly visible in Seaview’s Front park offering free water, food and other items (big Mahalo!)
    Hopefully “community connection and communication” improves and SPACE will finally truly “serve the local community” with needed services instead of bringing hundreds of paying visitors to their shows for their own financial benefit.

  2. Robert Petricci
    Robert Petricci says:

    Why the spam on SPACE here? What has that comment got to do with this article? We get it you hate SPACE. I ave a different view.

    Personally I like what Graham, Belly Ares, and the HVC have done for all those at risk kids (hundreds of them), over more than 20 years.

    I have to say, I have known more than a few children, some starting amazingly young, that spent years at the HVC and grew up to exceptional people. That is a great service to those children and to our community. A success story on real community service, that many could learn from, such that deserves to be widely recognized in this discussion you started.

    Programs for kids in poor communities make a difference in lives, Graham and HVC are a shining example of that.

    As far as making money at SPACE? I do not know the details but no one looks like they are getting rich from what I see down there. It looks more like a labor of love. It looks like they are trying to fund community services as independently as possible out side of government to me. A model of self reliance we should build on. Of course it is not perfect, but it beats many of the alternatives, I see in other communities.

    Why did I come here? Oh yea.

    I do want to go to Mr Ignacio’s talk on how he sees the future of energy through HELCO’s eyes.

  3. nosake
    nosake says:

    Read and reread but couldn’t see the time of the event. Surely it’s there and I’m not seeing it. Help a blind fellow, would you?

  4. Susan
    Susan says:

    A perfect opportunity for a demonstration! HELCO a needs to know how the public feels about their increased rates and non community mindedness! I dislike HELCO a and their practices. The rates should be coming down as there is so much more available energy shared!

  5. Robert Petricci
    Robert Petricci says:

    Sorry Alan but I still do not see the time there at all, am or pm. Could you post it here if you know?

  6. Hazen Komraus
    Hazen Komraus says:

    Sativa and Rj’s delusional vitriol aside, i plan on attending and want to ask Mr. Ignacio how they can simultaneously be pro-renewable and striving to go 40% green energy while not even offering many of those programs here (FIT) and charging $3500 for people to do net metering. When citizens are spend $20k on a solar system and trying to feed that electricity into the grid for free HELCO has consistently put up roadblock after roadblock. I can’t understand how they want to charge people exorbitant fees while receiving free electricity! The gall is insane. There is some serious disconnect between HELCOs words and reality.

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