Ana Malingers: Flood advisory for Parts of East Hawaii

It’s the storm that just won’t go away.  The National Weather Service has issued a flood advisory for parts of East Hawaii, because of a “nearly stationary” band of heavy rain. The advisory includes, “but is not limited to,” Hilo Pepe`eke`o, O`okala and Hawaiian Paradise Park.  Residents are advised to stay away from streams, drainage channels and low-lying areas.  Driving may be hazardous do do ponding on roadways.  The advisory is scheduled until 10:15 a.m., but may be extended if the rain doesn’t move on.

Hurricane Ana’ center remains due south of  Kauai, which is under a tropical storm warning, but the satellite image still shows clouds  blanketing the nearly the entire state. A hurricane watch is in effect for all of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands.

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