Morning Lava Report: Flow gets Fatter, but not Longer

From Hawaii Volcano Observatory’s report this morning:

A Hawaiian Volcano Observatory overflight yesterday afternoon found that the flow had moved no closer to Apa?a St/Cemetery Rd over the weekend, but the flow front had widened and small breakouts were scattered across the flow from right at the front up to about 2 km (1.2 mi) upslope. One of these breakouts was a narrow lobe that has been advancing along the southeast edge of the flow since early last week, moving about 80 m (90 yd) per day on average. This lobe was a day or two away from overtaking the tip of the flow, if it keeps moving. The only other breakouts observed on the flow were mid-way along its length, in the area where lava first entered cracks on August 18. There, activity was relatively weak and was focused along a narrow finger of lava has been moving toward the east within a shallow graben for the last few weeks. It intersected an older part of the flow within the crack system over the weekend. No other active surface flows were observed in this area.

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  1. Errol
    Errol says:

    Sometimes USGS reports are a day behind. The flow front has picked up in activity and has advanced approximately 30 yards since yesterday. Aloha

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