Lava News: The Morning Report

According to Hawaii Volcano Observatory report a 9: 18 a.m, “The most rapidly advancing lobe of the flow entered the first occupied residential property at about 2 a.m. this morning, and is continuing to advance northeast towards P?hoa Village Road, currently at a rate of 15 m/hr (16 yd/hr). We expect the flow to cross Pahoa Village Road between Apa?a St and Post Office Road…. The flow continues to remain active and has advanced approximately 90 yards since yesterday morning and is currently approximately 510 yards from P?hoa Village Road.  The flow front is currently moving in a northeast direction and has entered a private residential property. The flow advancement has been inconsistent however averaging approximately 5 yards per hour.”

County Civil defense reported similar figures in its 8 a.m. release. It noted “currently all burning is limited to vegetation only–good news to homeowners–and that “smoke conditions were light to moderate,” mitigated by trade winds, but advised those with respiratory problems to “take necessary precautions and to stay indoors.”  Pahoa Village Road between Apa`a Street and Post Office Road remains closed.

According to the Hawaii Island United Way, the nonprofit Neighborhood Place of Puna “is taking on the task of assisting with relocating families in the path of the lava. They are coordinating with several groups and anyone needing assistance with moving should call 965-5550 for help.”  NPP is also seeking volunteers with trucks, “large or small” and or with muscles and time to assist with packing and loading.  Those who’d like to help can also call 965-5550. Big Island Chronicle has received at least one report of members of a local Boy Scout troop who were out assisting residents with packing  and moving yesterday.

Kona Community Hospital has donated a new mobile medical van, which is expected to arrive at 1:30 today to be installed at the South Pahoa Annex.

Visit to find other resources, donate, volunteer, or request assistance.


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