Lava News: Kua O Ka La Charter School will “Operate on Both Sides” of Flow

According to the Web site for Kua O Ka La New Century Public Charter School, plans to “be operating on both sides of the lava flow once it crosses the highway.”

The school is already been using the Hilo Boy’s and Girl’s Club on Haile St. in Hilo  for one of its programs, and plans to use that site as a campus for  students on the Hilo side of the Pele Partition if the flow crosses the the road. The school is also “in the process of establishing transportation routes on both ‘sides.'”  The school is also waiving bus fees for its students.

The school is seeking inputs from parents and students about how it can best serve them during the transition. For more information, go to the school’s Web site.

The school’s main campus  is located at 14-5322 Kapoho-Kalapana Rd. (the “Red Road) on the Puna coast.

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