Evening Lava Report, 10/30/14: The Action’s All Uphill.

According to Hawaii Volcano Observatory,  as of five p.m., the current leading edge of the flow remained stalled about 170 yards above Pahoa Village Road (Old Government Road).  But the leading edge was still “inflated” with some small breakouts just behind it, so “it is possible that the flow may advance again without warning.” Meanwhile a lava hand pushed its way out of the Kea’au-side edge of the flow about 110 yards downslope from the already-inundated  Pahoa Cemetery, and was coming down alongside the existing flow.  HVO called that breakout the “major locus” of the flow at present. Another breakout near the old Pahoa Transfer Station was also still active, advancing at a rate of 8-9 yards per hour.  It was about 110 yards above Apa`a Street as of 5 p.m.

The lava pool at the summit was deflating  today, with a drop of several yards in the lava lake at Halemaumau. Such deflation,  HVO noted, was “often linked with a decrease in the eruption of lave from Pu`u O`o”–the eruption that’s feeding the lava flow near Pahoa–which could lead to less activity at the flow front “in coming days.”‘

County Civil Defense has issued no new bulletins about the flow since 2:45 this afternoon.




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