Morning Lava Report 10/30/14: Lava less than 480 feet from Road; More Breakouts Upslope.

The leading edge of the lava flow is continuing to advance northeast towards P?hoa Village Road through the first residential parcel it entered.  Civil Defense reported at around 8 a.m. that the flow was  then “160 yards or approximately 480 feet from Pahoa Village Road.”  Civil Defense reported that the lava was moving at less than  yards an hour at that time.

Some of the action is happening elsewhere, however.  In a 9:35 report,  Hawaii Volcano Observatory noted that  “Two active breakouts were noted on the west side of the flow just upslope from Apa`a St.”  The first breakout started about 167 yard upslope from Apa`a Street and had moved about 110 yards downhill on a front about 55 yards wide : “This breakout looks like it is headed for the ranch house (the one with the “not our cattle” sign)…and may threaten a second utility pole.” The second started about 385 yards  upslope of Apa`a St. and had  pushed out about 55 yards.  HVO also reported that  the lava flow lobe on the Kalapana side of the flow was “weakly active” about 66 yards upslope from Cemetery Road, with “small breakouts on interior of the lobe” but no activity on its margins.

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