Lava Report: Sat. Morning, 11/1/14

According to  Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, as of the leading edge of the flow had not advanced, but scattered breakouts had been observed in “numerous areas behind the stalled flow front.” The lobe extending  from downslope of the Pahoa cemetery and had “reached private property on Friday afternoon continued to advance by about 5 meters (6 yards) per hour overnight,” according to HVO . “Additional breakouts in the pasture along the flow’s southeast (Kalapana) side have been particularly active overnight,” moving downslope at about 11 yards per hour during early morning hours this morning.  Breakouts  the north edge of Kaohe Homesteads have extended by an 380 yards.  But County Civil  Defense maintained, in its 8 a.m report, that none of the breakouts presented “an immediate threat to area residents.”

According to HVO, the summit deflation of yesterday began reversing itself, late yesterday afternoon and, but the levels of the lava lake in Halemaumau remain substantially below what they were before the deflation episode began.


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