Lava News: OHA, Bankoh Offer Financial Relief Programs

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs have announced programs to provide some financial help to Puna residents affected by the lava flow.

The OHA program would provide one-time $500 grants to households within  mandatory evacuation zones if a household member is either Native Hawaiian or the parent or guardian of a Native Hawaiian. Those wishing to apply must submit proof of Native Hawaiian blood (a birth certificate AND government issued photo ID) or an OHA Hawaiian Registry Card. They most also prove registry by submitting a utility bill, mortgage statement, rental agreement, rental agreement, rental receipt with an address, a letter from a landlord, a bank statement, a car registration, a 2013 tax return or proof of voter registration. They also need to turn in a completed application form (available HERE) and a completed  OHA W-9 form, a “Request for Identification Number and Certification.” For more information, go to an OHA office (the nearest is in  Hilo at 162-A Baker Avenue) or call (808) 920-6418.

KHON Channel 2 has reported that Bank of Hawaii is offering financial programs  to supply special loans or relief on existing loans for those affected by the lava. The programs would  supply low interest loans, loans with payments deferred for the first three months, “fast approval and quick funding,” and loans with “reduced payments for the first sixty months.” The loans would be up to $25,000.

Oddly enough, the Chronicle didn’t find a press release about this program at Bank of Hawaii’s own press page.  But the programs appear very similar to those  that Bankoh offered to victims of Tropical Storm Iselle last August.



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