Morning Lava Report, 11/2/14: More of the Same


As of Sunday morning, the leading edge of the  lava flow remained stalled approximately 170 yards above Pahoa Village Road (Old Government Road). Activity behind the lava flow’s leading edge continued, with localized breakouts of molten lava within the flow’s interior and along its side margins.   As of approximately 5 p.m. on  Saturday, November 1, observers spotted  lobes advancing  along the flow margins at roughly 5.5 yards, per hour  that “could plausibly merge with the stalled flow front,” according to Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Hawaii Civil Defense reported that  “Smoke conditions are light to moderate with light trade winds from the northeast pushing the smoke in a south southwest direction.”   Residents with respiratory problems are still advised to “take necessary precautions and to remain indoors. ”


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