VOTE! Today’s the day.

After Hawaii’s dismal primary turnout, which actually settled many elections–only two of Hawaii County’s  council seats remain to be determined, and many state-level candidates in this overwhelmingly Democratic state  faced serious opposition only in the primaries–today is your last chance to influence who represents you for the next two years or four years. All polling places are open, even in the lava zone.  Since the lava still hasn’t crossed the Highway but election officials weren’t sure that it wouldn’t, those registered to vote at Pahoa Community Center will be allowed to vote either there or at Hawaii Paradise Parks.

The two remaining County Council seats that will be determined today are District 9. where incumbent Margaret Wille  faces Ronald S. Gonzales, and District 5, where our own Tiffany Edwards Hunt is squaring off against Daniel K. Paleka, Jr.  All other races were determined in the primary because Council races in this county are non-partisan, and any candidate in a council race who wins more than 50 percent of the vote in the primary is considered to be elected outright.  Only Districts 5 and 9 were those conditions not met–most of the incumbents won with landslides, and two ran unopposed. In the District 9 race, Wille has faced a media blitz from agribusiness interests who oppose the law that she authored, limiting the planting of genetically modified crops here, making that race the most expensive in County Council history on this island.  We’ve abstained from reporting on the race between Ms. Hunt, who owns the Chronicle, and Mr. Paleka, who is running with heavy union backing, because of our inherent conflict of interest.  But it’s obvious where our sympathies lie.

The other big race on the ballot is for Governor, where David Ige, who upset incumbent Neil Abercrombie in the primary. is in a three-way race with with Republican Duke Aiona and Indepent Mufi Hannemann.  Frankly, I’m not that impressed with any of them.  Ige’s campaign literature emphasizes his background as an electrical engineer; it’s pretty obvious where his sympathies are going to lie on development issues.  But Hannemann has even more aggressively pro-construction record, and I was not at all impressed with him when I was reporting as his machinations as a plantation boss in Kau, when he bussed in plantation workers to pack hearings on a resort that later failed. Aiona is what passes for a moderate Republican circles these days, but his stances on social issues are anything but progressive.  So Ige will be getting my vote by default.

We’ll cover the elections here  this evening as the returns come in.  It’s going to be a late night.




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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Why vote? Good question, it is a futile act of craziness. Anyone who thinks their vote is counted or even is significant is wrong! MONSANTO votes regularly, it’s vote counts. If you are an average person with average income your vote is negated by MONSANTO and the rest of the 1%. Sad but true. No need to vote, it has been decided by the criminals and politicians that rule here. No need to vote, don’t waste your time. Democracy does not exist. Isis has more power here on earth than any one in the USA. Monsanto and Isis strange bed fellows? I think they are perfect for each other. A match made in Washington DC. Yes, stay home. Don’t vote.

  2. naaupono1
    naaupono1 says:

    My reason(s) for NOT voting for David Ige are:
    He was a hired as a lobbyist for Hawaiian Telcom WHILE still being a state legislature. He has been in the state legislature for over 25 years and has not stood up against the nepotism and bureaucracy that has developed over the years. Our cost of living will NEVER change under the democrats for the very reason the party was started to unseat the “haole” & “Big Five” Republican party prior to statehood. No the shoe is on the other foot and the “establishment” is doing the same to we “local”/residents and making us pay for them to keep their power and money. We must say no to the “have” and “have not” system that we have now. We must say no to favoritism and the “who you know” way of doing things in Hawai’i.

  3. Catherine Guibert-orrantia
    Catherine Guibert-orrantia says:

    I was a mere visitor a few weeks ago, but somehow I feel a connection with the Big Island, especially the village of Pahoa. I was in the shop while Tiffany Edwards Hunt was packing her shop inventory in preparation for the lava flow. And, while I’m sure she wouldn’t remember me, she left an impression on me that I’ll never forget. She spoke to someone on the phone about the lava flow with grace and class and advocated that they all must take the good with the bad. She said something like, “you know how we always get to say, WE LIVE IN HAWAII? Well, we still live in Hawaii and this is part of living in Hawaii.” If that’s any example of the type of woman Tiffany Edwards Hunt is, District 5 will be lucky to have her and her practical opproach to life and it’s challenges. I read the big island chronicle to keep up with Pahoa and businesses that are affected by the lava flow. Even though I’m an ocean away from you all, I think about you daily and am sending my most positive thoughts to you all.


  4. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    Tom, re before the polls close: if the Tribune-Herald and Star-Bulletin can make endorsements, so can I. I will acknowledge one sin, though: through some sort of glitch or miscue, this went up originally as “uncategorized” when it should have been labeled “commentary.” I fixed that. Re the Libertarians: yes, in many races, they’re the ONLY alternative to the Dems. If things keep shaping up the way they’re going now, they may very well replace the Republicans as the primary opposition party in this state.

  5. Ken
    Ken says:


    In all of my more than half century on the face of this planet, I have heard, seen, dealt with and even been part of some pretty stupid ignorant things.

    However, after reading your post, I now see you have topped that heap beyond imagination.

    To compare the USA and its democratic practice of elections and of electing its representatives to a relentless murderous religious regime shows that you have no intellect whatsoever, as well as quite frankly, and I apologize in advance, but someone who must be pretty goddamn stupid.

    Now, if you think living here and living where ISIS is, tell you what. One way First Class ticket to Syria – on me!

  6. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    Now, now, children, play nice. I’ll approve this for now,Ken, but I don’t think anyone is going to convince anyone of anything by calling anybody stupid. Let’s keep the personal attacks to a minimum and concentrate on the constructive. Otherwise, we could turn into PunaTalk.

  7. Susan
    Susan says:

    Hey, got you thinking right? Maybe if more folks took actions on their thoughts instead of whining and accepting the status quo the world could be a better place? FYI: I have never missed an opportunity to vote, but does it matter? probably not because we live in this have and have not society! Don’t let your vote be wasted next election, find a candidate you can believe in, don’t donate money to the rich b——- campaigns and remember being an elected official is an honor , not a career. I have been called worse…a journalist! Yes. Try thinking outside of your “box”!!!!!!

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