Letter: More on the Lava Blockade

Dearest Representatives,

I haven’t had a response yet to my musings.  The Mayor, being in control of the “operation” out here needs to really know about how we are being treated.  I ran into an acquaintance (male approx 55) earlier this morning, he was soaking wet and tired.  I think hadn’t rained since last night, and he said he had caught the bus in to SouthEast Pahoa from Kalapana, walked in to eat something and check his mail at the Post Office.  He needed to shop at Malama Market so he asked at the blockade if he could walk through (since we all know the lava front has stalled) and was laughed at.  In fact, he heard them snickering as he had to walk down the post office road, out along the bypass where he got smothered by passing cars throwing dirty water from the stupid little mosquito breeding dugouts carved on purposed on the side of the road, and trudged all the way to Malama Marketplace.  This is absurd and the most blatant abuse of power.  Someone else who heard us talking said that happened to a young mother with a baby in a stroller yesterday.
Please take immediate action.
–Sara Steiner

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  1. Jay Turkovsky
    Jay Turkovsky says:

    Totally agree!
    How about we start a march? We should be able to get a couple hundred of us together really quick and sit on them until we get the mayor and Darrell out there in person to teach them some humanism!

  2. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Aloha Sara Steiner,

    The public is well aware that the police have secured that part of roadway and why. It’s not as if it was done only to prevent the people you mentioned from traveling through. It is to prevent everyone, with the exception of the area property owners, from passing through. Your discription of the hardship is on everyone and not just a few.

    This seems like an attempt to find a loop hole in the law that was put in place for the safety of the general public and also to minimize the possibility of trespassing on private property and perhaps other crimes such as theft and burglary.

    Are you looking for a loop hole?


  3. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    Why didn’t this fellow bring an umbrella with him ? That’s what I do and I walk on the detour without any whining or complaining-rain or shine….I fully realize that the Guard is here to PREVENT GAWKERS,RUBBERNECKERS,MAHAOI NIELE TOURISTS AND CRIMINAL LOOTERS from entering a quiet residential area where a serious emergency is unfolding …. ALLOW THEM THEIR PRIVACY AND SECURITY……And they were probably snickering because he didn’t bathe for a week……I met Major Hickman in Pahoa , and he is a real GENTLEMAN with a nice ALOHA FEELING…..the Guard is here to help….

  4. greg owen
    greg owen says:

    I was told by a knowledgeable County employee that the Guard will be using helicopters to transport serious medical victims to the hospital when S. Puna is cutoff. Who are you government haters gonna call ? A plumber ?Please direct your IRE constructively, appropriately to those who are responsible….Remember, we all get the government we deserve…..focus on POSITIVE REFORM

  5. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Big Mahalo Greg Owen,

    I’m glad to see that someone else is able to see what these few people are trying to achieve. It is our culture here to respect the privacy of people on their property and not violate that trust by trespassing only to stick a few home items they bring with them into the lava and take home as a novelty, as the two people that got arrested, did. No class and down right disrespectful of them. They should be banned from this community. I can only imagine the terrible examples they’re setting as elders to their children of our community.

    The police and military are in place to help deter this kind of behavior, not to limit our freedom as people are trying to claim. It is to protect and serve and if these people can’t understand that simple concept then they become part of the problem.

    Act 111 was implemented to help minimize criminal activity to the community at hand. And the way I see it is,….anyone who objects to its existence are those who finds it limiting their freedom to commit possible crimes against the community. And to those I say,….tough dodo!


  6. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    A point of clarification: The County of Hawaii has one chopper of its own on call for medical evacuation duty, and two more private helicopters are on contract, based at Hilo Hospital. Those were responders that Darryl Oliveira cited in one press conference I was at. I hope we don’t see an emergency where the National Guard choppers would have to be called in, too, though I suppose that would be possible in the case of a really bad accident.

  7. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    The truth kind of came out today in the front page of the Tribune-Herald… Save HELCO and PGV’s okoles for awhile longer… to hell with the folks who walk across town.

    Greg and Handy, how long should people have to allow several extra hours each day of walking in the sun or rain to get your mail and go to feed store and malama or longs, or someone like me on a scooter who is being pressured to go 45 (the marked speedlimit) when scooters do not go that fast and the side of the road was eaten up by some groovy digging machine or has other hazardous debris,so riding and walking there is dangerous.

    Let people drive up dump road past the houses, then they can park and walk a bit to see the lava. Harry did that for Kalapana and it worked just fine. In fact I think Civil Defense should be contacting him for advice instead of following Helco and the DOD. Let foot and bicycle and scooters (less than 49cc) commute back and forth, because it is asinine to make people walk down the post office road, out on the bypass and cross Kahakai, Paul’s exit and the intake into Pahoa town on foot.

    Make a big poster and inform people they are passing by a sensitive area and they are not to dawdle or poke around peoples yards and ask questions or cut up through private property to see the lava.

    Please do something smart soon, or there will be a march across the barricade….

  8. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    I have an eyewitness report that several days ago Augie T, Billy Kenoi, Guy Hagie (Honolulu News Guy), Tulsi Gabbard and others walked through the barricaded area and went on people’s private property and talked to them and went to see the lava.

    Also, the County of Hawaii posted these videos, looks like people walking on fresh lava to me with no deaths.

    Open the barricade : )

  9. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    I would prefer that, as long as the lava remains stalled, we open up Pahoa Village Road again. The town, i.e., businesses that comprise the town, struggles to stay alive with the road cutoff and the traffic detour.
    I have spoken with the police, Civil Defense, the mayor and Public Works about changing the traffic pattern to allow for vehicles to travel UP to Pahoa and IN TO town through Post Office Road. I was told that they wouldn’t be changing the pattern because one business owner made the request.
    As much as I want to believe Darryl Oliveira’s promise to help us businesses stay open, I am starting to feel like the County of Hawaii decision makers are not thinking (or caring) about how this road cutoff / traffic pattern is dramatically affecting our businesses. The lava is stalled. Open up Pahoa Village Road.

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