Lava Report, Friday, 11/7/14: Activity Moves Upslope

The leading edge of the flow system remains stalled where it stopped on October 30, but there’s plenty of activity upslope.  Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory reported multiple breakouts, ranging from one below Pahoa Cemetery, about 490 yards above Old Government Road in Pahoa, to one on the flank of Pu`u O`o itself. Several breakouts are active a mile and a half upslope of Apa?a St. and Cemetery Road. One, about 165 yards above the road, has “merged with the now inactive lobe” that came to a halt at the border of the  old transfer station. More breakouts have happend “at the top of the narrow gulley that channeled lava towards P?hoa two weeks ago,” approximately 765 yards above the road. Yet another, extending north from the Kaohe Homesteads area also remains active. Still more breakouts are occurring about halfway between the lower end of the flow and P`u O`o.  A breakout on the north flank of Pu`u O`o itself damaged some of the observatory’s observational equipment.

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