Lava Report, 11/9/14: More of Apa`a Road Goes Under

The leading edge of the lava flow remains stalled, but the flow is still very much alive.  It  took out another small section of Apa`a Road today.

According to Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s 6:45 p.m. report, “a breakout just above Apa?a St./Cemetery Road sent lava across the road along the north margin of the existing flow. By the afternoon, that breakout had separated into three lobes: 1) moving along the existing flow margin towards the cemetery, 2) moving down the road towards the transfer station, and 3) moving towards an abandoned set of buildings across the street from the transfer station.”  There was also some lava activity “between the cemetery and private property” and “Small, sluggish breakouts and flow inflation…in the vicinity of the cemetery.” The active lobe near the old  transfer station had come to within about 22 yards of the station fence, but was expected to pass parallel to the fence due to the shape of the land there.

An active flow burned along Cemetery Road/Apa`a Street today. Photo: Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.


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