Evening Lava Post, 11/10/14

After burning an unoccupied house at around noon today, the lava flow remains active, though none of its current fingers have reached as far downhill as its stalled leading edge.  The nearest active lobe of the flow is currently moving down on the  Kea`au-side edge of the flow.  Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, in a report shortly before 6 p.m. today, said that lobe was about 500 yards upslope of  Pahoa Village Road.

HVO also reported “a number” of active breakouts in the vicinity of Apa`a Street, including one that had moved to within 22 yards of the old transfer station fence and “also continued to expand through private property across the street from the station.”  This is the flow which took out the unoccupied house shortly before noon.

Another lobe to watch is “a narrow finger of lava that has advanced downslope from the wide portion of the flow just above the narrow gulley through which lava advanced toward P?hoa more than two weeks ago. HVO described that finger as “the most significant activity of the entire flow.”

Meanwhile, up at the summit,  “period of inflation began at about 2 p.m.,” with a corresponding rise in the lava level at Halemaumau.

Below: HVO’s most recent map of lava activity, including the new “significant” mauka finger, which appears to be taking a somewhat different path.

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  1. Lewis
    Lewis says:

    I wish the media would stop using the word “unoccupied” or “abandoned”. That makes it sound like the house has been sitting empty for a long time for other reasons. The house had been EVACUATED! People (renters) LOST their home because of this, and the owners lost their valuable property. The words abandoned and unoccupied convey that there wasn’t much value to what was lost. Tiffany – can you call attention to this to other members of the media? The word used should be “EVACUATED”.

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