Lava Update: Flow Claims First House

According to Hawaii County Civil Defense,  lava claimed a “residential structure” near Apa`a Street today at 11:55.  Other sources said that the lava moved away from the garage that it had originally appeared to threaten and hit the house instead.

“Emergency personnel are on scene and there is not threat to any other properties at this time.  Smoke from the burning structure is currently rising and dissipating,” stated the Civil Defense update.

In previous weeks, the flow had claimed a garden shed, a cattle feeding station and a horticultural shade house.

Above: Helicopter view from Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, showing areas of active lava on the morning of November 10. Active areas (marked by smoke from burning vegetation) include just above and below old Transfer Station and a new lobe of lava headed northeast, approximately 820 yards  above Apa?a Street (upper right)


Below: GIF showing recent lava activity, courtesy of Reel Marketing

output_EpvzRR 11_10_14

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