Morning Lava Report, Monday, 11/10/14: Lava Nears Residential Garage

The lava flow appears to be poised to claim its first residential structure–or to have already claimed it.   At 8:36 this morning,  Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported that a lobe of lava had emerged about 82 yards above Apa`a St. on the Kea’au side of the flow, had crossed the road and was within about five yards of a residence’s garage–and was advancing  at about five  yards an hour.

Another outbreak was also advancing at about 3 yards per hour near  the transfer station and a third is moving slowly downslope of P?hoa Cemetery.  We’ll publish more information as it becomes available.

All of this activity is going on upslope from the leading edge, which remains stalled about 170 yards above  Old Government Road.

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