***Commentary*** Regarding The Traffic Pattern On Pahoa’s Post Office Road

imageBy Tiffany Edwards Hunt

I cannot wrap my brain around why County of Hawaii officials insist on having Post Office Road egress only. I pass by the road every morning and see how people coming out on that road going Hilo bound risk being t-boned. To me it should be INGRESS only if it needs to be one way. If I only had a reasonable response from officials… Alas, I have nothing. So, everyday I think about how asinine the forced traffic pattern is… How unfriendly it is to businesses that are seeking whatever traffic they can get…

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  1. Desmon Haumea
    Desmon Haumea says:

    There is an officer stationed at both PO road intersections. Traffic control should suffice for now.

  2. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    With all respect to you, Desmon, because I love you, I disagree. I sold a bar of surf wax today. Business is too pathetic to stand by and accept the current traffic pattern. It must change to prolong the life of the village and keep as many people as possible from bankruptcy and public benefits.

  3. R Dean
    R Dean says:

    Maybe it is time for the new District 5 Council Member to
    address the possible avenues of changing traffic conditions for the economic relief of taxpayers.

  4. Tiffany Edwards Hunt
    Tiffany Edwards Hunt says:

    (Zendo Kern remains the council representative for District 5 until the first Monday of December. He remains a phantom. Greggor Ilagan in District 4 who was re-elected at the primary is our only hope for any council activity here in Puna until the changing of the guards. Post Office Road and half of Pahoa Village Road belong to District 4.)

  5. mathew mercury
    mathew mercury says:

    I manage 4 vacation rentals In Lower Puna and am in touch with several more people that also have rentals. All of our reservations have fallen almost completely away. People from the mainland are simply too scared to come out to Puna. Just by see news reports and unless you are familiar with the area it almost sounds like the whole town has already been destroyed. I don’t think slower business has much to do with roads being closed, people aren’t coming to Pahoa at all. We need to get word out that Pahoa is alive and still functioning.

    Also worrisome is our current air quality. I had guests check out last week because the air was so bad. They were not happy but actually gave up about $500 because they were afraid to stay here. I’ve been coughing my lungs out too. Hawaii County and other agencies say they want to make this lava flow “livable” but are doing nothing to clear the path of rubbish, asphalt and buildings. The very expensive Transfer Station buildings are burning right now. Couldn’t those have been removed?! Everything that is being done is all gonna fall apart if we can’t breathe!

  6. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    Yep Zendo, Gregor and Billy for that matter have not answered any of my various emails in the last 2 weeks. I even requested Gregor to take me off his lava update a couple days ago since his cut and paste lava report does nothing to address our concerns here in the lava zone. As proof he doesn’t read his emails, he has sent me another lava update…

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