Lava Report, Friday, 11/14/14: Recycling Center Gets a Reprieve

The lava tongue that broke into the former Pahoa transfer station/recycling and reuse center has apparently stalled short of the buildings, for now. County Civil Defense reported this morning that the breakout at the station “has stopped flowing and is not active at this time.”  Civil Defense also noted that no asphalt was burning, for now  But other breakouts were still burning vegetation in the area of the cemetery below Apa`a Street, upslope of the recycling center and  from the large finger of the flow that is still coming down, now about 300 yards above Apa`a Street. Light south winds are continuing to blow moderate to heavy smoke in the direction of Ainaloa, Hawaiian Paradise Park and Kea’au.  The Weather Service has forecast that those winds would continue for the next two days.

Below: Hawaii Volcano photos taken yesterday at the recycling center. Upper photo: terminus of the flow. ” There are no active toes of lava in the image, but the lava is still hot enough to burn the asphalt beneath, creating visible white smoke.” Lower photo:  Pele at the gates.


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  1. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    Well, my boyfriend went to see about being able to dismantle the structures at the Transfer Station, back before the lava was so close, as people could reuse those building materials, and they told him no, they wouldn’t get the insurance money if the community reduced, reused and recycled our dump…

  2. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Mr. Councilperson G. Illigan –
    Are you paying attention?
    Insurance Cos, private contractors, are not promoting
    Gregor, the boat is sinking.
    Call for a democratic process to resolve decisions around
    a 4 million dollar social project.
    The buildings have intrinsic value.
    Do you not agree?

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