Lava Report: Pele Makes Her Move

Pele appears to have decided on her new course.  And the result doesn’t look good for the businesses of the new Pahoa.

According to Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s  9  a.m. report, “The active lobe is following a steepest-descent path that takes the flow towards the intersection of P?hoa Village Road and Highway 130, in the vicinity of the P?hoa Marketplace.” The flow is now about 2.1 miles above the intersection.

One bit of good news: “The flow front has also entered a burn scar which has significantly reduced the amount of smoke seen from the flow front in our webcams,” said the HVO report.  That may reduce the smoke hazard for those with lung ailments.

A smaller breakout, which began Dec. 5, is still “weakly active about 1.6 miles below Pu`u O`o.



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