Letter: Christmas Camouflage

Dear Billy & Gregor,

I just had an excellent idea that would make good publicity for the businesses of Pahoa as well as fun for the people of Pahoa.

I was thinking if you got HELCO to paint the 3 poles green up to the top of the chain link part, then people of the community and visitors could donate ornaments to be hung on the chain link sections, and I am offering to paint the outhouse like a Christmas present, or just a plain ol’ thatched hut because people coming to Pahoa should not see a military truck, camo people, and a toilet as their first impression of Pahoa.

In Love,



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  1. Jay Turkovsky
    Jay Turkovsky says:

    Great thoughts Sara!!! Let’s hope someone picks up on it. My only concern is if you walked up to one of the poles to hang a Christmas ball on it that one of the NG would come and take you away.
    Yes, we need to make something positive from our situation!

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