Art: Explore Your Inner Alien with “Sensucht”

East Hawai’i Cultural Council and Hawai’i Museum of Contemporary Art will a mesmerizing show titled ‘SEHNSUCHT’, with multi-media artist Devin Mohr, February 6-28.

‘SEHNSUCHT’ is a German word that means, “The inconsolable longing for a non-earthly home one can identify as ones’ own.”  Three years in the making, Mohr’s show explores other-worldy forms, creatures and spaces. Mohr’s invitation to expand beyond rigid views of ones’ s elf is a practice that allows viewers and participants to loosen the tethers of identity and play with new thought forms.The ambient zone of ‘SEHNSUCHT’ will have costumed characters, sculptural lighting and prints from the series.
Devin Mohr has spent twenty years in the business of design for entertainment and floral arts. During that time these skills have been translated into a private exploration of portraiture that he has only recently allowed to surface into public view. These creature-15_02_06-28 SEHNSUCHT POSTERlike characters he has produced have been used as a therapy of sorts, to stave off a disconcerting and pervasive sense of not belonging, of not feeling human. This theme plays out in different aspects of the art, from makeup and costume and set design to lighting sculptures, music and video and film projects.
The prospect of transformation is Devin’s biggest creative motivator, venturing into unfamiliar realms, experimenting with absurdity, glamor and wearable art.
On Thursday, February 5 from 6:30 to 11 p.m.  the museum will host an exclusive preview show of  ‘SEHNSUCHT,’ the first exclusive of its kind on Hawai’i Island. Admission is $25; guests must wear all black attire, with no exceptions and no refunds.



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  1. Hazen Komraus
    Hazen Komraus says:

    I helped with and attended one of Devin’s shows a few year’s back. I can assure you that the caliber and originality in his shows is above anything else you’ll see on island. The production values and sophistication are all big city. I’m excited to attend… wearing all black. If you’re wanting to explore something you might only normally get to see in NYC, Paris, or Berlin this is a pretty cheap way to get your weird art fix!

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