Letter: Safe Access Cannabis Forum Sunday

Dear Editor,

  It is with a warm heart that I remind everyone to come to the Americans For Safe Access Cannabis Forum this Sunday from 1-5 pm at the Pahoa Community Center.   Issues covered include upcoming legislation for Dispensaries, Decriminalization/ Legalization, Industrial Hemp, Home Rule for Cannabis.

  I would like the Hawaii State Legislators to note the following conversation I had with a visitor from Washington State, where cannabis is now legal to a certain extent.  “Top shelf is $35 a gram in Washington.”  Do you know how much money that is? It is $980 an ounce.  To my naive eyes that looks like the state of Washington has turned into a drug dealer, because they are taxing the process every step of the way.  Who in the heck can afford that?  That is not how to end the black market.  That does not help patients.  It helps drug cartels, jails and military swat teams that kill innocent people.

So, said another way, if you could please keep in mind with your dispensary bills, the more overkill in regulations, micro-management of every single step from seed/clone to bud to barbed wire, giant fences, armed security, cameras, computers, background checks, blue card checks, records kept on who buys every gram for seven years, and on and on will make it like it is in Washington (D.C. bureaucracy and the state), rewarding only the big pharma and the tobacco companies able to afford compliance.

  If you do this right, Hawaii could lead the world in both healing medical cannabis retreats and recreational users would arrive by the millions to experience the finest the Aloha State has to offer, we could even have those cool eco-tours of small family pot farms.  We don’t need to make a killing.  Just an honest living for us organic farmers.  Keep it simple for the people!


Sara Steiner

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Yes, Sara, organic full sun family farms.
    ‘Decrim’ looks like the best trade-off, yes?
    No to corporate cannabis industry.
    Yes to family farmers, who also feed the community.

  2. NeighborWatch
    NeighborWatch says:

    Sad to say Sara we will probably never live to see the day when this country’s drug ‘policy’, insanity end.
    It’s ok for the drug companies to sell Marinol but you can’t grow pot. As long as we have the gov. protecting us from ourselves and dictating what we can and cannot put into our bodies, we will never see a healthy happy population. They want everyone perpetually sick and in need of drugs and treatments. When one plant could cure.
    There are still people who believe the 100 year old lies and propaganda that pot will make you paranoid, psychotic, homicidal, schizophrenic, lazy, desire heroin addiction and cause cancer. We are living in an age of smart phones and stupid people. Keeping the most versatile plant on the planet illegal is just plain stupid as hell. But greed knows no bounds. Stupid people.

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