Lava Report: Pele’s on the Move Again

The lava flow has a new leading edge, and it’s moving relatively fast.  According to Hawaii Volcano Observatory’s and Hawaii County Civil Defense’s morning reports,  the lobe that recently broke out about 765 yards upslope and to the north of the stalled tip had advanced overnight by about 120 yards, passing the former leading edge and reaching to within .4 miles of Highway 130 in the vicinity of the Pahoa fire and police stations.

The northern flow lobe that broke out from the main flow about 1.5 miles upslope is still active as well, but moving sluggishly. if it continues, it could reach a steepest-descent path that would cross Highway 130 about half a mile south of the Maku?u Farmer’s Market.

The flow activity, combined with dry weather and a southwest wind, continues to generate brushfires in the area between the flow and Ainaloa Subdivision. Hawaii Fire Department units are on scene, monitoring fire activity, and bulldozers are clearing or dressing firebreaks above Ainaloa and between the flow’s leading edge and houses along Highway 130.

Civil defense reports continued heavy vog and smoke in Lower Puna and Hilo.

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