Lava Report: Flow Advances Another 70 Yards

Madame Pele is still on the march toward Highway 130, but her rate of travel slowed over the last 24 hours.

Civil Defense reported this morning that the flow’s current leading edge, located above the Pahoa fire and police stations, advanced about 70 yards since yesterday, as compared to 120 yards the previous day. That flow is still listed as approximately .4 miles above Highway 130 Hawaii Volcano Observatory, which has been monitoring the mauka lava tongue that’s been crawling toward a rendezvous with the highway in the Maku`u area, has made no new reports about it since Friday. Civil Defense simply reports that that flow and another mauka tongue remain “active” but “sluggish and showing little sign of advancement.”

Light rains in the area are moderating the dangers from wildfire and air pollution this morning. Civil Defense reports that “All fires that occurred are contained with [in (?)] the fire break perimeters and all burning activity is limited to hot spots and flare ups within the fire perimeters.”  The overall level of smoke and vog pollution has changed from “heavy” yesterday to “moderate” today, and the wind has shifted directions, blowing smoke and vog southwestward, away from Hilo and Lower Puna, although Civil Defense still warns that “Smoke conditions may increase in some areas and individuals who may be sensitive or have respiratory problems are advised to take necessary precautions and to remain indoors.”

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