Letter: Support Puna Pono Alliance at Geothermal Meeting Tonight

Passing on this important & timely news from Puna Pono Alliance on the meeting tonight with Puna Geothermal Ventures.

How would you like to hear the roar of jet engines in your backyard for 2 or 5 1/2 months – night & day? Even though it’s against the law. Can you imagine this horror in your own neighborhood? Please support your neighbors in any way you can, it could be your neighborhood next.

And keep in mind, the legislature passed a bill that says ‘geothermal hydraulic fracturing’ – ‘Geo-Fracking’ is now allowed anywhere in Hawai`i. It’s not just a Puna problem. (Hawai`i County’s ban on fracking has yet to be challenged)

Please give any help you can to: punapono.com

Shannon Rudolph
P.S. Some information from the punapono.com Web site:
Geothermal Update, January 18, 2015.
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Geothermal Update 1/18/15


Drilling Alert   PGV has joined forces with Puna Council reps, Greggor Illigan, and Danny Paleka, to actively campaign against the night time drilling ban we enacted to protect our community from PGV’s previous impacts due to 20 years of poor drilling practices .

Specifically, Paleka, and Illigan, support PGV’s stated intention to drill 24/7 in violation of the night time drilling ban.

Several, major accidents and missteps at the PGV power plant last year, resulted in harm to our community again, and both DOH and EPA cited PGV last year for numerous violations of their permits.

In discounting and essentially disregarding what this community has endured at the hands of PGV, both council members Illigan and Paleka have said publicly they supportPGV intention to drill at night regardless of the law. That of course is in direct conflict with the communities best interest. These council reps are doing this with no legal experience to speak of and without even bothering to ask for a legal opinion from the Corporation Council. They instead are relying on a special interest (PGV) to interpret the law. This is an example of how bad government works to the detriment of the community, we should shine a light on this type of improper behavior by our our elected officials. In this case corporate interest have clearly been  put ahead of the public interest by these 2 elected officials to benefit a special interest at expense of our community.

I went to Danny’s office to talk to him about this and ask for a copy of corp council’s opinion, he told me he never talked to them. He then promised to do so promptly, but don’t hold your breath. We will probably have to do that as well.

I also spoke with Council member Aaron Chung (an attorney), who told me he disagrees with Paleka, Illigan, and PGV.. In fact he agrees with PPA and the community, – the law applies to PGV as written. He based his opinion as do we on reading the law and the permit requirements that “PGV obey that law and all county laws.

In my opinion it is dangerous and unfortunate that Illigan and Paleka appear to be playing fast and loose with the best interest of our Puna community to benefit a special interest (PGV). I see no valid reason for them to fight for PGV against the community on this law. It is a sad commentary on the state of our county government.

Puna Pono Alliance needs your support now, this is our chance, let PGV know how you feel about the planned drilling now – before it starts.

When: Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) community meeting on January 19, @6:30pm.

Where: Pahoa High School Cafeteria.

Why: PGV plans to drill without following the county ordinance that prohibits drilling between 7 PM and 7 AM

Background: On January 19, next Monday, Puna Geothermal Venture is holding a community meeting. At that meeting they will be discussing upcoming drilling, currently scheduled from late January until March. During that drilling, PGV does not plan to comply with a county ordinance that requires drilling activity to stop between 7 PM and 7 AM.

This intended action is an insult to the community and to those who must bear the personal cost of PGV actions. If you live close to PGV, we ask that you come to the meeting in a show of solidarity in which we say you must stop placing community families second. If you live elsewhere we ask that you show your support for our neighbors that are being sacrificed to corporate convenience.

Thank you again for your past support in helping us defend our neighborhood from industrialization. We passed a law, now we need to let them know we intend to see the law enforced.


This is an update from the PPA noise committee…..There is an app for that (noise)…..

As you may have heard, PGV is planning to begin drilling a new well on January 25 and they say they expect it to go on for 3 months. The last time they drilled a well, it went on for 5 1/2 months and it made life miserable for people near the plant.

Despite a Hawaii County ordinance which bans nighttime drilling from 7 pm to 7 am, passed by the Hawaii County Council in response to PGV’s last drill , PGV says they will drill day and night because–they say–the ordinance does not apply to them.

We need the help of those that live close to the plant because if we don’t step up, PGVwill continue to drill day and night–and they drill new wells every few years.

Paul Kuykendall and Suzanne Wakelin are working to document the noise and its impact on neighbors to force the county and state to address it as a health and quality of life issue.

The good news is that we live in an age where we can capture data via crowd-sourcing that will build our case with some very cool, high tech tools. We are going to useNoiseTube to collect and collate data using mobile phones which we can later analyze and show on google maps to quantify the noise impact.

To learn more about NoiseTube, please follow this link to a short Scientific American article:


Here is a link to the NoiseTube webpage for more information:


We need your help to be successful. Please support us by doing the following:

1. Respond to this email with your phone number and consent to receive email updates on this project.

2. Please meet us at HAAS this Tuesday January 20 at 3:30 pm (before the usual PunaPono Meeting) for a 30 minute training on how to use the crowdsourcing App

Please be prompt because we will only have 30 minutes.

3. If you can, please download the free app to your mobile phone by following the link below. It has instructions on how to download to an Iphone and an Android phone. If you do it before the training, we can show you how to use it.


4. Please share this email with friends and neighbors who could be negatively affected by the drilling noise.

If you want to help us stop PGV from illegally drilling at night, we need help this Monday,

If you want to connect with PPA, please come to the 4 o’clock meeting this Tuesday at HAAS School……

Mahalo Paul

5 replies
  1. Richard Ha
    Richard Ha says:

    Fracking is used in the oil and gas industry on the mainland. We don’t have oil and gas underground in Hawaii.

  2. hangloose
    hangloose says:

    I picked up a lava rock the other day and hit it with a hammer. It fractured. Is the county coming after me for violating the fracking ban?

  3. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Dearest Hangloose – I can give you wholesome legal advice, but only if you want it. Reading further is giving consent to this advice.
    The following conditions would need to be met, in some sort of prioritized amalgam and disambiguation, to find you culpable:
    1) Your activity would need to be at a depth underground that would involve or be likely to impact groundwater.
    2) You would, to be liable, be injecting into the rock formation and groundwater an array of toxic chemicals polluting not only the
    once clean water being rammed and jammed,
    but the ground table waters them/itselfs.
    3) It would be required that you express disdain and disregard for this fabulous island.
    (This condition has been already met.)
    4) Why did you hit a lava rock with a hammer,

  4. Alan McNarie
    Alan McNarie says:

    Editor’s note: technically, it’s illegal to give legal advice unless you’re a lawyer. I hope saying this doesn’t constitute legal advice.

  5. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Not true Richard, It’s called geothermal hydraulic fracturing, I’m sure you know all about it, since you did testify to prevent banning it/geo fracking.

    SCR123 Submitted on: 4/3/2013 Testimony for ENEIWTL on Apr4, 2013 _From Richard Ha – opposed to geothermal fracking BAN

    Comments: Aloha Chair Gabbard, Vice Chair Ruderman and Senators; The BICC is strongly opposed to a resolution that abolishes fracking without knowing what it is about. There is no gas and oil and no methane leak possible. I visited a geothermal plant in the phillipines that last erupted 100,000 years ago. The cost of geothermal electricity on the Big Island is approx 10 cents per kilowatt hour. Say that is what it cost to generate electricity on Oahu from that source, add that to the 10 cents or less to transmit that electricity and you get 20 cents or less per kilowatt hour. Why would you foreclose that option? What about the rubbah slippah folks, their electricity and water costs are killing them. There was nearly 50,000 gas and oil wells drilled in the US in 2011 and 2012. Its a mature industry. Don’t ban something that might be helpful to the rubbah slippah folks. Richard Ha, steering committee member Big Island Community Coalition.

    Click bill status to read testimonies:
    Link: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/archives/2013.aspx

    More info on geo-fracking here: https://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en&tab=mw#hl=en&q=geothermal+hydraulic+fracturing

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