Astrological Forecast — Spring 2015; Corporate Power Versus People For Sustainability

By Norma Jean Ream   

Early March is the time when the energy of voice and action are gaining momentum for people, collective groups that share something, and the general collective of the 99% in the world.

This is not a fluffy comfortable time of not noticing what is going on. This is a time of awakening power of the masses to make a point and to insist on pushing back against the take-over of all natural resources. I am still surprised and dismayed when I speak to someone that doesn’t have a clue about the TPP; Trans-Pacific-Partnership. That is just what the designers of this plan depend on: general ignorance.

Through January and February the order of Congressional business has been pushed along by the agendas of those who have much to gain from a drowsy, uninterested public. Money is flowing in DC and decisions are being made that are going to shift reality in a major way before 2017.

Looking around the planet, other countries are leading the way for upsetting the intentions of the 1%. Greece has a plan to change their economic reality in the immediate future by stopping the cycle of debt and bailouts. Spain and Hong Kong are seeing massive demonstrations where some of the largest groups in history are showing up to make a statement to their governments.

The eclipse periods of the last few years have fueled uprisings in other countries; Egypt for one. When the planets cluster around the Equinox and Solstice points, we see drama in action. Over the last three years, Uranus and Pluto, planets of revolution versus power, have had a series of square aspects. The square angle between two planets represents contrast and the energy of challenge leading to change. March 16 will be the final of seven contacts between these 2 slow planets. This is a time of high energy. The next eclipse is March 20 in the very last few minutes of the end of the zodiac; in Pisces. This is representative of imminent change.

The Moon moves into Aries within an hour. The Spring Equinox is about 12 hours later. The clustering of other planets in Aries will already have been stirring up the energy as they interact with Uranus and Pluto. We will see stronger, more committed expressions of citizens who are willing to be front line and say NO to Fracking, or NO to Pipelines, or NO to the TPP.

March into April has a good deal of the energy of clash between civil controls and civil disobedience. The Lunar eclipse on April 4 is directly connected to Uranus and Pluto. We can see that spring is going to bring people out to participate. That could be in showing support and working for a greater shift in social right action.

The issues are not just economic. They are also about civil rights. It’s not just about race issues, but also economic issues woven together. Temperatures are rising and it brings a change to even the ideas of what is possible. You know that when you bake something all the ingredients become solidified into a new form. The world is at a new juncture where there will be great adjustments and much new creativity applied to solving problems.

Norma Jean is an astrologer in Puna.


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