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Roger Christie after prisonRoger Christie after prison greyEditor’s note: Roger Christie, founder of the Hawaii Cannabis Ministry, spent 50 months in federal prison for commercial promotion of marijuana, after authorities raided his ministry office and arrested him, his ultimate wife, and others said to be associated with his ministry on Hilo’s Bayfront on July 8, 2010. Christie spent two months in a halfway house last fall, reuniting with his wife Share Christie at their Puna home in time for the holiday season.  He remains on probation pending an appeal of his case to the Ninth Circuit Court expected to take place sometime later this year.  (TEH)

By Roger Christie  

Hello Tiffany and Chronicle friends,

Welcome to my poetry — it gets inside my brain.

I want to show you more of me and hope something you’ll gain.

This is one way to frame my thoughts – I’m sharing what is true

It’s free to have a look around, I hope it’s fun for you.

Some say that hemp’s the ‘devil’s weed’ – I’ll bet that God’s offended.

We know that it’s the ‘tree of life’ and He’s to be commended.

Freedom to farm all green plants is such a basic right,

Even Page 1 of every Bible defines it -TWICE – there in the light.

The ‘burning bush’ was very clear for Moses in his sandals,

but Rabbis, Popes and Presidents treat holy herb like vandals.

Fifty months locked-in the pen – outside the sky was blue.

We still wonder how to win this case, what should smart people do?

We call upon the one called God to guide us through the fog

like the blind walk safely with their trusty seeing-eye dog.

Religious freedom’s part of our appeal, we know that it can fly.

The only way the feds can win is keeping-up their lie.

For forty-three years the feds have said that hemp is worse than ‘meth’,

So far all judges went along – what chance they’ll fix this mess?

Congress says marijuana has “no accepted medical use” that they can really see,

but 23 states now have medical use, plus Washington, D.C.

Big pharma wants a secret piece of hemp’s real luscious pie.

They say the plant is of no use, so cut it down and die.

Behind the scenes they’re working hard like busy bees make honey.

We know the cannabinoids they find are worth ton$ and ton$ of money.

What must we do for the change to happen on this Earth?

Billions of hungry people are anxious for the birth.

Every night we hear the news – the dollar keeps on falling

and politicians everywhere are really good at stalling.

Pretending they can’t see this herb – martini firm in hand

while bankrupsies and foreclosures sweep across the land.

Remember in the ’80’s before the crackdown came?

Cash-flow was really flowing – Hawaii led the game.

Crime was so much lower – smiles were everywhere,

even all the welfare Moms hardly had a care.

But “Operation Wipe-Out” lived-up to its name.

It reduced the pakaloha – we can prove it was to blame.

Eradication of the herb caused ‘meth’ to take its root,

And ve$ted interests like the cop$ say that “the point is moot”.

The ONLY study ever done to ask what caused meth’s troubles – was soon suppressed – We wonder why? – and then the troubles doubled.

For ‘black-ops’ coke and heroin the C.I.A.’s on-top.

We’ve given-up on Congress to ever make that stop.

Talk about “conspiracy” … our government’s the best.

They tell the very biggest lies and pretend it’s all in jest.

Making war on “we the people” – our Constitution calls it TREASON; the war on hemp’s exactly that – a FRAUD pretending to be reason.

But politicians have it made in no reporter’s spotlight.

They both feed on the charade – even tho’ it’s not right.

Most herb people in the world know hemp is sacrament,

and many of us wonder, where our freedom’s went.

More important is to ask, “How do we get freedom back?”

because the herb we want to grow and get ourselves on track.

Do you know the juice made fresh with leaves of the ganja tree?

Just watch * LEAF * on the YouTube and healthier you will be.

Fresh, fertile hempseed is the one, the healthiest food of all;

It’s got Edestin protein and essential oils – have you gotten on the ball?

For ‘burning bush’ and holy oil some ‘fragrant cane’ is needed.

The elixir of vitality’s made with milk and bud that’s seeded.

Just grind ’em up together, strain-out the chewy parts;

then drink it fresh and instantly you will up your smarts.

Try make some holy anointing oil, the recipe’s for the masses.

It’s found in Exodus 30:23 – let’s teach it in the classes.Christian means “anointedone” but most preachers still deny it.

Look it up for yourself and soon you’ll want to try it.  Christ means “anointed”, don’t ya know?  We think it’s a literal thing.

Anoint your crown with holy oil and hear the angels sing!

How about calamus root – do you know its herbal power?

Just eat a pinch with honey, or smoke with ganja flower.

Green, green gold’s worth much more than the kind inside the ground;

can harvest every 90 days – RENEWABLE wealth you have found.

We call it “ganja-nomics – nature’s economic plan”.

It’s the best kind of a ‘stimulus’ to be found across the land.

Imagine all the wealth to be around the world this year?

If only we would stand our ground, the hemp would re-appear.

Presidential Executive Order 13603 says HEMP is an emergency “food resource”

With Puna markets closed and drug stores, too let’s grow massive amounts of course!

I followed spirit and my heart to bring me what is new.

I found adventure, romance and politics … all on the ‘isle of view’.

But life’s not at all just what I think – it’s what I feel that’s fine

I know that I have had it great – it’s really been da kine.

Many nights I wondered why that prison was my path;

Now fortunately I’ve been able to re-do the math.

I am convinced that I have found a way to conquer hate.

I bless most any bummer by saying, “God that’s great!”

It makes me smile and feel I can avoid the beaten road

I re-frame all of my troubles and lighten-up my load.

I’ve also found a solid way to redeem all of my faults.

It proves that gold is really more than just what’s in the vaults.

I confess to all my sins – forgiveness is the grace.

When gratitude and love is had we then can win the race.

No one did we cheat or steal, or shoot or lie or rob.

I am convinced now even more it was an “inside job.”

Yes, ‘they’ say I broke the law that got me on the ride, but living like I had it made my fall was caused by ‘pride.’

I organized the Ministry – it really was superb.

We helped much more than you could see with TLC and herb.

We did our best to follow bliss; smoked pot and smiled a lot, but I was loose and having fun and prison’s what I got.

I was caged for many years just thinking what to do.

I had a surprising education and now it’s time to think of YOU.

I hope you’re well and feeling fine, best wishes all around.

I’d like to call and hear your voice, and linger with the sound.

I’ve gotta stop with all these words, they’re flowing’ out my brain.

I’m typing fast as I can think – it’s coming down like rain.

Holy Moly, stop me now! – I’m sure you’ve gotta go –

there’s other things we’ve both to do, but now you’re in the know.

I tried to stop – it’s hard to do – my mind needs time to mend.

“Come-on!”, I say, “Put on the brakes!” – this poem has got to end.

It wasn’t then, although I tried to hit the key and send it, but

I’m sitting here and ready now – it’s really time to end it.

First roll a joint and pass it ’round like hippies did before.

We still can learn a lot from them – “Make love and don’t make war.”

After all these lines of rhyme, and all the things I see –

The most important of them all?  My future’s up to me.

For what is life and who are we in the great BIG cosmic scheme?

  ” … merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily … life is but a dream.”



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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Sorry Roger, couldn’t even read your poetry.
    I have a friend that you framed in the days before your arrest. They barely avoided jail, but not SR.
    Straight up betrayal.
    I am truly sorry for your time in jail for Cannabis.
    And you owe some mighty big apologies.
    And please, drop the religious banter, you’re giving hypocrisy a bad name.

  2. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    if you killed a drunken Indian on a Res. in a knife fight you would have only done 36 mos. American Justice System is so broken no one knows how to fix it.$$$$ Just US

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