Letter: Shame on You, Clifton Tsuji

Dear Editor,

Shame on Rep. Clift Tsuji from Hawaii island for killing the bill for pesticide buffer zones around schools, HB1514. What kind of person won’t protect kids from pesticide poisoning?  And it’s reported that as House Ag committee chair, he even cut off testimony from people who flew from neighbor islands to testify. How low can a politician go?  Tsuji unfortunately has become a mascot for corporate special interests, even given the dubious distinction of Biotech legislator of the year.  He should now be given the “poison award” by school children throughout Hawaii.  As a former banker, now politician, Tsuji deserves to be publicly shamed and exposed as a legislator that acts against the common good, including children’s health and safety.

Jim Albertini

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  1. joy cash
    joy cash says:

    I have to time or energy for shaming or anger.
    We have to bring viable candidates forward to remove these corporate-
    owned puppets from public office. They do not represent their constitutes. We must have representation in our state house.
    We must bring coalitions from every quarter.
    Where are tourism & real estate interests? We must sit down to our common table to bring forward required shifts that will benefit our shared home.

  2. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    spectator apathy….Why aren’t the parents of students staging a protest? I know I would be if I had kids in school here, which I wouldn’t anyway because of the CORE BS.
    Poison them and dumb them down, inject them with more chemicals/vaccines and you won’t have to worry about them growing up and being smart enough to unseat you. Agenda.

  3. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    If I remember correctly I had to write a shaming-type letter to him too, probably last year after killing a much needed protection at legislature…

  4. Piper Selden
    Piper Selden says:

    Hey, Rep. Tsuji. What’s happened to you? First you vote against marriage equality and now you aren’t interested in keeping school kids safe for exposure to deadly poisons? You’ve lost my respect… and my vote.

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