Letter: Letter-Writing course offered with Tom Peek

Dear Editor,

In commiserating on wanting to be a more effective letter writer, I thought online course, but a friend suggested Volcano author Tom Peek.  I emailed and he said he would be open to a Pahoa workshop.  I am putting out feelers for persons interested in attending a Tom Peek workshop in Pahoa- directly related to effective letter writing (150, 300 and 600 words specifically) sometime in later March perhaps?  This will not turn into a political debate at all, this is strictly about how to distill your thoughts into a couple of lines or paragraphs only.  Once we have taken our course, perhaps those interested can together and start a little Pahoa political rag with cartoons and art and of course online submissions to BigIslandChronicle!.

Please contact me only about the workshop by email at saralegal@live.com.   


Sara Steiner

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  1. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    This is not just letters to the editor it could be letters to your kids or you know any letters in general and it’s good for effective testimony to your state legislature And stuff like that. Good writing is more interesting I know because I’m having some anger issues and I want to be more effective because I feel I have valid points so that’s why am suggesting this. That and it I can’t afford just to do it by myself and I think that there would be other people who are interested in making their valid short concise statements to their political representatives or Facebook posts or anything.

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