Open Letter to Mayor Kenoi: Get Our Kids Out of the “Pods”

Dearest Mayor Kenoi,

Sorry about another letter so soon, but I am hearing a lot of frustration from folks who have kids that are supposed to be going to school at Keonepoko or Pahoa.  As the man in charge of all things related to Act 111, you have got to know by know that our little kids are still crammed into some little pods in the parking lot at Keaau High School and other schools since being evacuated last year .  Did you know they make them line up and go to the bathroom all at one time?  How can that be conducive to learning?  Do you know where all the precious little kids get to eat lunch and try to play recess?  They share the same space as the high-schoolers do.  I’ve heard that armed police hang out there to keep the peace since teen rivals now attend same school.  Would you let your young impressionable kids be treated like this?  Even your older children?  Could you please use your supreme powers invested by Act 111 to insist the Department Of Education to do a bit better job, like let them go back to their own schools since the lava is pau for now, the lava drill is over.   I can guarantee it wouldn’t be done this way in Hilo or Kona.  Our lower Puna children deserve better.

Very sincerely,

Sara Steiner
P.O. Box 2011
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

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  1. Bird McIver
    Bird McIver says:

    Why oh why didn’t we help Harry Kim campaign just a little bit harder in Kona? We could have had someone besides an absentee mayor, someone who cared about us and not just tourism and his political career. Such a waste! Such a close election! Auwe!

  2. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    I certainly do not understand why Billy and Darrel won’t call Harry. It bothers me to no end how panicked the Act 111 partners are.

  3. Greg
    Greg says:

    If County employees Billy and Darrel can make State DOE policy, maybe they can stop world hunger or end the war in the Middle East as well!

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