Legislature: Sex Traffickers Beware

A bill that would make pimping a felony and another that would establish a safe haven program for youthful abuse victims are among five public safety-relate bills that the State Senate bills that the State House of Representatives just approved:

SB265, SD1, HD1 replaces the term “promoting prostitution” with the term “sex trafficking,” a Class A felony, and includes the offense of sex trafficking in the Department of the Attorney General’s statewide witness program.

SB1211, SD1, HD1, relating to the Major Disaster Fund, would increase the expenditure ceiling on Major Disaster Fund moneys and require the Adjutant General to report any allotment of fund moneys or any expenditure of Fund moneys to the Legislature within one month of the allotment or expenditure.

SB871, SD1, HD3, relating to highway safety, authorizes the director of transportation to establish reciprocal licensing privileges to any person eighteen years of age or older who holds a license from another jurisdiction, under certain conditions.

SB979, SD2, HD1, requires the Office of Youth Services to coordinate a Safe Places for Youth Pilot Program until June 30, 2021. It would also establish a Safe Places for Youth Program Coordinator position. The bill would allow youth in crisis–including victims of family violence, school bullying and predatory adults– who are at least 14 but under 18 years of age to consent to accept services in the Pilot Program under certain circumstances.


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