Letter: Marijuana Hypocrisy

Dear Josh Green, the rest of the Hawaii Legislators, Governor Ige:

I’d like to take this opportunity to be straight with you and to the point.  I’m sorry if my bluntness may offend you, but you, the Hawaii Legislature (encouraged by the Hawaii Police Department/Narcotics Enforcement Division) have been denying access of cannabis for medicine since  “Compassionately” creating the program in the year 2000.

Regarding your worries about the federal government coming to bust Hawaii Dispensaries, don’t be afraid, they have been calling off the dogs on the dispensaries for awhile now so let’s keep that in mind, and their deplorable marijuana laws are going to bite them in the okole, as they are hypocrites of the worst degree taking out patent on THC as medicine while incarcerating millions.  The States need to stand up to the Feds for their residents rights to use a plant, for goodness sakes, and the police/NED need to mind their own business, stop making medical decisions for patients and stop persecuting cannabis doctors.

As far as either version, if you really give a damn about creating a locally owned industry, with an affordable product (not taxed to hell), you will use HB321, giving it only the “edibles” from SB682 and you will have the best of both bills.  Throw the rest of those amendments and all of all versions of SB682 far away, as it is a set-up for an absolute out-of-state corporate monopoly, and you all know it.

One license for one person for one aspect.  Give as many residents a chance to help themselves and the State will benefit accordingly.   Don’t forget,  If anyone any age can be a cannabis patient (with a recommendation), and anyone over 18 can grow their own medicine, you cannot go backwards and take away a patients right to have a caregiver of their own choosing.

We do not need the overkill of countless taxes, super-redundant paperwork, security measures, and unattainable-for-the-local-person fee structures with the resulting $35 an ounce top shelf (like in Washington state) because it only turns the State of Hawaii into a drug dealer, and does nothing to decrease the black market.

Please, please, I am begging on my knees for you do what is right for the people of Hawaii Nei!

It is easy, pass the original HB321 with “edibles” and that is it!


Sara Steiner
P.O. Box 2011
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

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  1. Sara Steiner
    Sara Steiner says:

    Hi Alan, Tiff,

    I made a mistake, (I know baaaaad Sara). The price in Washington for top shelf is $35 a GRAM not an ounce, making the ounce price $900.

    State of Washington is dealing drugs, not ending black market by taxing the hell out of it….

  2. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    It should be $35. an ounce, and at that it would be a ripoff, after all it’s just a plant. I remember when it was only $10. an oz. The world still tells lies and it’s just as stupid as back then, just a hella more expensive. Sad.

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