Commentary: A Kanaka Maoli Testifies about Mauna Kea to the UH Board of Regents

Jazzmin Cabinilla, educator, mother and Kanaka maoli, explains what the problems she has with the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Ke. It’s not a problem with science per se, she explains…..

Jazzmin Cabanilla’s testimony

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  1. Cory Harden
    Cory Harden says:

    Determination, self-respect, understanding, and aloha!

    TMT supporters frame the argument as culture vs. science. It’s not–it’s culture vs. concrete.

    If TMT gets partway built, then the courts rule against them, do they have money to take it down?

    Remember Superferry–they forged ahead saying the courts had consistently ruled in their favor. Till that changed. Golly gee.

  2. joy cash
    joy cash says:

    Those of us priviledged to witness this birthing of a new paradigm in Hawaiian life at UHH Regents TMT meeting last Wednesday, owe so much, to especially these young people committing their energies to bring about long awaited real change to our beloved Hawaii.

    The time is now to stand up & support this wise & courageous generation of game changers. Do what you can. Bring whatever you have in supporting their efforts for all of us. We stand together united in righteous actions.

  3. Puna Ohana
    Puna Ohana says:

    Besides the fact it would be obsolete before it’s finished because someone will always build a BIGGER one. I sincerely hope the next time the CON CON comes around people aren’t fooled by big money TV opposition to holding it like last time. I remember the one in the 70’s that OPENED up the islands to developers and development run amok, look at Oahu, it was once like this island. You let them build whatever, where ever, when ever eventually every square foot will be built on. Hong Kong 4u?
    It’s all about the money honey, corporations have more and they can hire slick PR and commercials. They can usually outlast individuals. Youtube is a good equalizer for the little guy, just not the same coverage as commercial corporate propaganda TV.
    Not all science is good science, especially if it tramples on other’s science(religious science, Theology?). Redundant science for profit is just corporate greed.

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