Letter: Marijuana Dispensary Bill is “Insidious”

Dear Editor,

I’d like to congratulate the powers that be on Hawaii’s insidious medical marijuana dispensary bill!  We have made it so restrictive that we are discriminating against over 13,000 people.  This is a bad law, and all in the legislature have shown your true colors, besides Senator Ruderman.

It is amazing and apparent how the lobbyists and police control the legislature, and the only thing we can hope is the Governor vetoes it as being bad for the people of Hawaii.

The overburdonsome regulations will bite you in the okole!  Oh wait, I forgot that is your plan to keep it as illegal as you can to generate crime, unaffordable prices are sure to be the norm, as is the continuation of the black market.

Good Job (NOT),

Sara Steiner
P.O. Box 2011
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    I think your post is right on the nose.

    Isn’t it funny that Judge Cordoza on Maui kept Brian Murphy in jail until after the dispensary law was approved.

    Brian was kept in jail to keep him out of the legislative process to protect The Pot Mafia. Shame on Cordoza, how corrupt. Had Brian been free to speak he would have been a strong voice against this new atrocity.

    Recreation Black Market Pot is a Billion dollar industry that the powers that be will protect at all costs. If we legalized and taxed Pot the income to the state would be huge, instead the Black Market Pot Mafia keeps it all.

    Corruption in Hawaii is Massive and Shameful.

  2. Sam
    Sam says:

    HB 321 places a 25% tax on medical marijuana. Meanwhile the legislature does nothing to regulate Hawai’i’s billion-dollar-a-year marijuana industry. Marijuana is far safer than alcohol, so Hawai’i should regulate marijuana like alcohol, and place the 25% tax on recreational marijuana products, which would generate a large portion of the revenue from tourists.

    Then use this revenue to fund real medical marijuana research. However, we should not place a heavy tax on Hawai’i’s seriously ill medical marijuana patients.

    Maui has about 3,000 medical marijuana patients. If a patient buys 4 ounces a month, it costs him/her about $800, assuming marijuana sells at about $200 an ounce. Then those patients would have to pay a whooping $200 a month in taxes. Seriously ill patients often have decreased income as well, such a high tax, added to the high cost of their medicine would be quite a burden.

    HB 321 does prevent patients, and caregivers from growing their own marijuana, under the current statutes, part IX of chapter 329.

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