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Dear Editor,

On the way to school this morning, my son says, “mommy, it seems like they care about the cars on the highway more than they care about the kids.” I’m just curious, why is the speed limit not 25 mph on Hwy 130 by HAAS school in Pahoa? It’s 25 on Hwy 11 at Mt. View school, and 20 mph at Ke Kula N?wah?okalani’?pu’u school in Kea’au. They even have flashing lights and crosswalks at the other locations, and we already have the flashing 45mph ‘reminders’ so just a tweak to 25 would be a simple/free solution.

How about putting those same measures in place for our Pahoa children.

Thank you,

Jennifer Tanner

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  1. joy cash
    joy cash says:

    Petition each County council representative in each of those districts.
    Personally hand-deliver signed petitions of concerned parents & community members to their offices. Bring your children along.

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