Pahoa News — Rat Lungworm Informational Meeting Is May 17

A Rat Lungworm Disease informational meeting is slated for 2 p.m., May 17 at the Pahoa Community Center (Pahoa Neighborhood Facility). Smiley Burrows arranged for researchers to be there. Sue Jarvi will be present.  She is expected to share information about the water tests.  Jarvi is also expected to share the need for at least 500 people to visit the Puna Community Medical Center and take blood, particularly people who have suffered with what they think may have been rat lungworm disease.UHH graduate student Kay Howe and Jarvi request the public to help fund their research by donating to The University of Hawai‘i Foundation, or contact Dr. Jarvi for details.

Dr. Sue Jarvi:

Kay Howe:

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