Astrological Forecast — Commerce, Trade, and International Affairs in Spring 2015

By Norma Jean Ream

If you haven’t been paying attention to what the Government is doing lately, you will be in for a shock when the vote is casted. The major Global Corporations (numbering about 600) have drafted a “Free Trade Agreement” called the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP. It is up to the Congress to call for debate to expose all the secret details that put the whole world at risk of the drain off of both natural resources but also financial resources of small countries worldwide.

The last two years, Saturn traveled through Scorpio, sign of the underworld, secret actions, and many serious secrets came to the surface. Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war, military, and use of force. In late December 2014, Saturn moved into Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter, which is more about truth and justice. This period has introduced examinations and investigations into the secret activities of the government agencies, and various high level officials, and even whole town practices, like those of Ferguson, Missouri Police and lower court judges. Saturn will dip back into Scorpio for the summer months, beginning mid-June.

While Saturn influences the larger brush strokes of the structures and rules of life, we have swift and ever changing Mercury to influence decision making, agreements and anything at all to do with commerce, contracts, and commodities. Mercury in forward motion acts quickly and makes agreements in honest, forthright communications. But when it is retrograde, there is something that may be said or done with not such good intentions. Negotiations are muddled. Things can be promised that are not truly meant or supported.

Mercury will spend 69 days in its own sign Gemini, where it will retrograde form May 19 to June 11. On May 5 Mercury will oppose Saturn. Because Saturn is retrograde and subtractive their meeting will only be once. There will be enough of a difference in the strength of these two influences that the voices for reason and protecting Democracy will be strong enough to hold off the Fast Track vote and call for debate of the TPP. Mercury will turn direct within a few days of Saturn going back into Scorpio. This could represent going into serious discussion and trying to protect secrets.

Mercury and Mars meet first on May 27, under the Sun’s rays, which means meetings going on behind closed doors. Mercury will be retrograde then and there could be back-room pressures on ideas and wording. The New Moon of June 16 will be in Gemini conjunct with Mercury and Mars. These two combine to create a lively debate. This will be a time to watch, but we won’t know the outcome yet.

The New Moon on July 16 will be in Cancer with Mercury and Mars still traveling near the Sun. The President could be putting pressure on Congress to do the job that follows his agenda. The power of the corporates to dominate global financial power will be at a peak of insistence. I don’t expect the final outcome to this process, but a phase of the fight. Congress needs to hear from the people. Don’t be shy call your Congressmen and Senators and call for disclosure of the secrets of the TPP.

Norma Jean Ream, of Puna, is an astrologer with 30 years of experience.  She holds a B.A. in astrological studies from Kepler College, and holds NCGR Level IV certification. Visit her website at

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