Letter: Questions about the TMT

Dear Editor,

Why did the dolphins disappear?

At the last Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) meeting on Hawai’i Island, economist Paul Brewbaker presented a dizzying array of charts and graphs showing the billions of dollars TMT would generate.

Someone asked: What do you consider sacred? He paused. Then he recalled a special place where he used to see spinner dolphins—till, one day, they disappeared.

How much money would an economist sell his mother for?

If Mauna Kea were not here, could we imagine it, or build it?

Can we know the right answers before we know the right questions?

 Why did the dolphins disappear?

 Cory (Martha) Harden

Hilo, Hawaii

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  1. Shea
    Shea says:

    There have been plenty of recent, peer reviewed studies documenting the steep decline in the health and numbers of Kona Coast spinner dolphins, due largely to the boat tours operating illegal “swim with” excursions as well as hordes of people ignoring the law and prominent signs to chase them around in Honaunau Bay.

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