Copy of Letter to Gov. Ige: PLEASE VETO HB321 (DISPENSARY BILL)

Dear Editor,

This bill is very bad, it is not for the people of Hawaii.  This bill is so over regulated and the compliance terms are so over-kill that any medical marijuana product sold there will be unaffordable for the common person, much less sick people who lived on fixed incomes.  

I have a feeling the legislation has been severely influenced by large corporations who have several million available to invest and the criminal and legal profession who still wants to make arrests, prosecute and jail people for cannabis.

This law is discriminatory against regular Hawaii residents from the amount of money needed too pre-qualify down to the idiotic micro-management requirements from seed to plant to consumer.  I beg you Mr. Ige, please VETO HB321!  

Very sincerely,

Sara Steiner
P.O. Box 2011
Pahoa, HI 96778

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Sara, I think your analysis is spot on!
    The bill has been signed, and now the large corporate model of industrial mono-cropping will prevail.
    What a loss!
    Family farms with diversified ag have provided high quality cannabis for decades.
    True, it has been an underground ‘green’ economy,
    where great harm is done to those families raided, arrested, ‘shook down’, whose assets are stolen.
    Using full sun, organic growing techniques will continue to be illegal, and Puna’s skilled growers will try to avoid arrest.
    My quess is that ‘green harvest’ and raids will continue.
    I base this on the assumption that law enforcement will still want the buds, and that they are addicted to asset seizure.
    If they really wanted ‘eradication’ they would simply aerially disperse male hemp pollen.
    What irony; HB321 ensures that medical cannabis will be produced with unhealthy methods and techniques.
    It is time to just decriminalize!

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